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St. John's Means ...
St. John's parents and former students share what St. John's School means to them.
  • St. John's is a small school with a big heart. The teachers show Christian Love and support to every child.  ~ Mrs. Beussman
  • The teachers and students at St. John's are our extended family. The lessons my children learn at St. John's prepare them academically and, more importantly, spiritually for their future.                       ~ Mrs. Silfies
  • I feel very blessed to have been able to send my children to St. John's school.  The very caring and devoted teachers have taught my children well and helped to establish the foundation of their faith.  The teachers also made me feel like an active partner in my children's education.  I am very pleased with the lessons learned along with Christian values taught there.  It was exactly what I was looking for in a school.  ~ Mrs. Wischstadt
The students of St. John's share

My favorite thing about St. John's is ...

  • playing on the snow hill at recess.                     Cayden ~ Grade 6
  • having friends.  David ~ Grade 5
  • playing in After School Care.  Emma ~ Grade 5
  • having Catechism with Pastor Cordes.   Liz ~ Grade 7
  • Bible stories.  Cassie ~ Grade 2
  • the Spring Play.  Cheyanne ~ Grade 4
  • recess on the snow hill because we have a lot of sleds so we can have more fun in winter.  Emilie ~ Grade 5
  • excting field trips and they are great when we always go.  Oliver ~ Grade 5
  • learning God's Word.  Wyatt ~ Grade 6
  • work time.  Ben ~ 6
  • doing fun Art projects with my friends. Cayden ~ Grade 6
  • great lunches.  Kimmy ~ Grade 7
  • learning Bible passages and I like chapel with our Pastor.  Xander ~ Grade 7
  • learning God's Word so that one day we will be in eternal happiness.  Jason ~ Grade 6
  • After School Care and I also like Math a lot. Emiliano ~ Grade 2
  • playing with PE equipment and playing hand chimes.  Kimmy ~ Grade 7
  • learning cursive writing.  Emma ~ Grade 5
  • learning Bible passages with my friends.  Oliver ~ Grade 5